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Toolkit for Employee Health & Wellness: Home

Healthy Living Apps

Fooducate (Android & iOS) was the winner of the Surgeon General’s Healthy Apps Challenge. The app lets you scan the bar code of a food in the store and returns a letter grade of the food’s health score. Higher grades go to foods that are less processed and have high levels of nutrients. There are other paid versions available like allergy & gluten-free, diabetes nutrition, and ad-free.

The popular weight-loss tool MyFitnessPal is available for Android and iOS. This free product boasts that it has the largest food database of any diet and exercise app. It lets you enter multiple foods at a time, remembers common meals/food combinations, includes free barcode scanning, can track exercise, and is available on your phone and online through a free account.

Health Information Online

The National Library of Medicine is the world’s largest biology and medical library and is a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Library provides access to PubMed and MedlinePlus, sources of information for medical practitioners and others who want professional-level medical information.

The Health Information section of the NIH site lets you browse health categories by symptoms, body location, disease, age, or gender. Links to health info lines, health and wellness resources, and clinical trial information is also provided.

Science-Based Health & Wellness Resources for Your Community is a list of NIH resources on health topics that affect Americans. It includes medical issues, like stroke, complementary/alternative medicine, and healthy eyes, and lifestyle concerns, like excessive noise, drug use prevention for teens, and recognizing when drinking is a problem.

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Medication Management Apps

Pillboxie, an iOS app ($0.99) created by Jared Sinclair, RN, is a tool to see and plan your medication schedules. It lets you schedule reminders that will sound even if your device is asleep. The app allows you to “check off” your medications as you take them and to record how you feel after taking the medication (felt better, the same, or worse).

Med Helper Pill Reminder (Android) is a free medication management app. It has reminders to take medicine, doctor appointment reminders, and can let you know that you’ll need to get a refill soon. You can also use the app to track your vital signs (like pulse rate and blood pressure) and to easily give your physician a list of the medications that you take and when you are taking them. A Pro version is available ($3.99, Google Play).